We Are All Guilty of Saying It…

Yes, the doctor only wanted to give me pills to take away the symptoms… he wasn’t interested to find or do anything about the cause. Perhaps he was in a hurry to write the next script, and get closer to earning his cruise from the drug company…

We complain at home, and mostly we are guilty of being absolutely silent in the face of the allopathic authorities. We have allowed them to treat us like foolish children. (But we slink away with prescription in hand, thinking there must be a better way!) Do you think?


Why Allopathy?

In a word… greed. Along with selective blindness. 

At the beginning of the twentieth century, there were many health practitioners, many schools, and freedom of choice. Allopathic doctors’ main tools were the ever-popular and ancient blood-letting, medicines made from toxic metals (eg. mercury, arsenic) and very basic surgery. As ever, allopathy had by far the highest death rates from their treatments. For success rates, and for doing no harm, homeopathy was blowing them out of the water. (Incidentally, the “father of allopathy” always used homeopathy himself).

Enter Thomas Rockefeller, new oil baron, who stated that competition is sin. What a visionary. He saw great potential in the budding pharmaceutical industry. Drugs were being made from oil products, and the allopathic doctors were trying them. Thomas bought into a pharma company, the very one that went on the supply the necessities for Hitler’s eugenics campaign. All that was necessary now was to get the government to legislate a monopoly for the allopaths that would promote the new products!

Thomas hired Abraham Flexner to submit a report to Congress (1910). It concluded that there were too many doctors and medical schools in America, and that the natural healing methods were unscientific quackery. (Sound familiar?) The report called for a new standard in medical education, whereby only the allopathic-based AMA be allowed to grant medical school licenses in the USA. It became law.

This system remains the unquestioned power today even though it kills over one million people per year. 


What happened with hemp

The Rockefeller lobby also caused hemp to be demonized and criminalized, because it was a huge threat (as both medicine and fuel) to the Rockefeller drug and oil industries. People today continue to rediscover the massive health benefits of hemp products today for cancer, brain injury etc. What a huge loss occurred as a result of greed. Natural plastics and paper can be made from hemp, among thousands of other products. 


How control was gained of medical schools

Rockefeller and Carnegie used their tax-exempt Foundations to offer huge grants to the best medical schools. They had to agree to use only allopathic curriculum and allow agents of the foundations on the Board of Directors. Thus they systematically removed any education about the natural healing power of herbs and plants, and the importance of diet to health. Today doctors who are almost clueless about nutrition and its effect on the immune system. Instead, they were taught about radiations and pharmacology, and their effects on symptoms of disease. 

Rockefeller himself continued to use homeopathy for the rest of his life. 



As an arm of the government, and of the drug giants, the FDA shows great favor to synthetic drugs. FDA test nothing…. Meanwhile they threaten suppliers of natural health items (eg. walnut producers who claim their product has health benefits). Only a drug is allowed to claim a “cure,” and the dangerous side-effects are accepted as the lot of those who “benefit” from drugs. Deaths by doctor, hospital, chemotherapy and pharmaceuticals amount to over one million people annually, and at least the same number is injured or damaged. This appears to be of no interest to them, but when evil natural therapists dare claim that a therapy has cured a cancer, “you’ve got FDA mail! Did you know that FDA allows for 250 ppb of mercury in fish, but will allow 51000 ppb in a vaccine? The bias is disgusting. And these vaccine producers cannot legally be sued now…


Magic drugs?

All synthetic drugs are isolates. Many are derived from plants but altered, because naturally occurring substances cannot be patented and sold for the big money, Big Pharma has no interest in natural cures. What they do instead is engage in piracy – researching natural remedies, copying or modifying them so they can be patented. They then market their product as a wonder drug while they suppress and criticize the original plant as being worthless.

My doctor recommended a synthetic progesterone to me, and when I asked about the side-effects, he discounted them. I told him what they were and he seemed surprised that I would know, or even bother. I asked about a natural alternative, and he said there was nothing as effective. I told him he could prescribe the natural hormone for me… he was unwilling but eventually did it. I have to say it worked brilliantly, and I have no fear of side-effects or cancer from it. 

Big pharma has put blinkers on our doctors, and they mostly choose to see what they are told by the ones who hold the purse strings. 



DEEPAK CHOPRA: The research that interests me most is …  the procedure for removing toxins from the body, and how it affects biological aging. And of course the research on the herbal preparations, which yield very interesting and previously unthought of ways of healing. Herbs don’t usually work the way pharmaceutical compounds do, binding to receptor sites. They seem to be evoking and amplifying the body’s own healing processes. They are much more gentle. That means they probably take longer. It’s a much more gentle, a much more holistic, and a much more complete effect.