Dr Stanley Jacob
Dr Stanley Jacob

DMSO – The Aspirin of Our Era!

Here is a big bunch of virtual red roses to Stanley Jacob, MD. for his dedication and hard work for the health of humanity.

Again, I think, here is a wonderful discovery that does not get to the people who could benefit from it. Drug companies are not interested because there are not multi-millions of dollars to be made. FDA only allow DMSO to be used for bladder infection. It is used in black salve because it safely transports medicine through the skin and into the tissue.It is also excellent in healing preparations.

The substance has an interesting history. Stanley Jacob, MD is a pioneering DMSO researcher and member of the Life Extension Foundation’s Scientific Advisory Board. Having conducted research on DMSO and its many medical uses since the early 1960s, Dr. Jacob is often called “the father of DMSO” in honor of his life’s work in trying to bring this unique compound the recognition it deserves. His resolve in the face of government and drug industry obstacles is legendary.

It is acknowledged worldwide that this is a substance with incredible medical potential, and side-effects are rare. So why, if DMSO possesses half the capabilities claimed, is it still on the sidelines of medicine in the United States today? Dr Jacobs says, “It’s complicated, but here is one reason:

It’s a square peg being pushed into a round hole. It doesn’t follow the rifle approach of one agent against one disease entity. It’s the aspirin of our era. If aspirin were to come along today, it would have the same problem. If someone gave you a little white pill and said take this and your headache will go away, your body temperature will go down, it will help prevent strokes and major heart problems–what would you think?

DSMO is the first non-steroidal anti-flammatory discovered since aspirin, and its unique properties have made it very useful medically outside of the USA. It is used for eye conditions, skin conditions, relief of pain and inflammation (headache, arthritis, bursitis…) fungal conditions, infections; it prevents and treats ulcers and reduces blood pressure in the brain when given intravenously.

Dr. Jacob and his colleagues sponsored preliminary clinical trials of DMSO on traumatic brain injury patients in Europe. The results of the trial were remarkable, with an 80% survival rate (about twice the historical rate of 30-40%) and 70% of the patients experiencing a favorable outcome (far higher than the historical rate of less than 10%).

Truly amazing statistics… and with such an inexpensive compound.