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Before using bloodroot salve:

  • Educate yourself about this entire process before using black salve for any reason
  • It is recommended that you find a knowledgeable individual to guide you through this process and have a reliable support system available to assist you with questions- – whether this is a friend or family member who is capable of keeping you focused or providing care for you if you cannot take care of things yourself, and then join an internet support group with experienced users to help with any questions or provide guidance should that be needed.
  • Do only one area at a time as you don’t want to overwhelm your immune system’s ability to respond.
  • Clean and dry the suspected area thoroughly before applying black salve. Rubbing alcohol and a a cotton ball works well for this.
  • Exfoliating, scratch or lightly prick the skin with a sterile needle beforehand to help get the initial process going.  If you don’t have an initial reaction you should exfoliate again and reapply salve just to be sure. Sterilize the area again with rubbing alcohol before proceeding with the salve.
  • The black salve is to be applied directly over the suspected area of cancer, all the way to the edges of the lesion. It doesn’t need to be thick, but just enough to cover the area.
  • Implement caution when applying black salve to areas where the cartilage and/or skin is much thinner than others such as the nose, ears, and cheeks.  Applying a large area of salve over these areas has the potential of creating a large eschar that could leave a permanent opening behind after it falls off.
  • Keep the area covered with a bandage. This helps to keep the eschar from being bumped or disturbed in any way that may cause it to come away too early and it also helps to keep debris away from the forming wound.
  • Putting a small amount of coconut oil on the bandage will also keep the eschar from sticking to it and pulling away too early during bandage changes.
  • It is essential that the eschar be allowed to fall away on it own and not be subjected to any type of early removal which would leave behind cancerous tissue. 
  • Sometimes the eschar will fall away too early and a second application is needed to complete the process.  It is best not to apply black salve to an open wound, but to allow the skin to heal up before you attempt a second round. This is due to the pain and additional trauma that would be caused to the site which I have heard described as unbearable. You will not experience this type of pain when applying salve to an area that has healed over.  See the photos below for an example of when another salving is needed.
  • Sometimes an initial reaction stalls or stops and an additional application may be needed to get the process going again. If this happens you can apply new salve over the already forming eschar.
  • Black salve extraction can take up to 3 weeks or more depending on the location and type of condition that you are dealing with.
  • Black salve extraction can be painful depending on what you are dealing with.  You may find that you are unable to work during this time, and depending on the location of the suspected lesion. I have listed a few natural pain remedies that may provide some relief towards the bottom of this post.
  • Do not apply the salve continually over the same spot in a manner that begins to create a deep hole in the breast (or other area) as this will not heal properly and you may be left with a wound that does not close properly. This can happen after multiple applications and eschar removals over the same area with the hopes of drawing out a large tumor that may be deep within the breast. The salve should be applied with the goal of drawing the tumor outward to become part of the eschar that will form at or near the surface of the skin (see photos below).  If you find that you are reaching into a “hole” to apply more salve, then you may need to rethink your strategy.  If you are dealing with a large tumor that is not near the surface of the skin you will need to address this situation in an internal manner. This might include using bloodroot capsules along with diet changes, supplements, detoxing protocols, and other cancer fighting therapies, and then perhaps black salve can be applied at a later time. To add to this, it is normal for the salve to burrow into the skin somewhat during the processes.
  • Do not apply turmeric powder to your open wound as I have seen others suggest.  It is not sterile, and you want to have the natural healing processes take over in order to heal the wound properly.  You can support the healing process with ointments, essential oils, and colloidal silver, but not with turmeric powder. Great for internal use though!  You can read more about the benefits of turmeric/curcumin with this post.  
  • You will most likely be left with a scar in the area where black salve was applied as can be seen in some of the postings below.
  • Finally, this process should not be taken lightly, and you should become fully informed before proceeding with using black salve for any reason.
  • Join the Facebook group that I have linked below and study the photos so you can see what the experiences have been for others and how they were able to handle any problems.  Ask questions in advance so that you know how to proceed.