About Oral Bloodroot

Although native Americans used bloodroot herb internally (as well as topically), bloodroot capsules are comparatively new.

Bloodroot Salve as a topical treatment is claimed to be effective and suitable for surface lesions, and smaller lesions. People with larger and internal tumors mostly choose the internal treatment, which users report can shrink tumors away. There are also many reports that moles and warts have also shrunk away during the course of the treatment. 

Bloodroot capsules are most commonly used as a systemic treatment for tumors and other neoplasms – though they are not 100% effective for every person. Capsules are a good option for larger tumors, but you must consider healthy lifestyle changes to optimize your long-term outcome.

Capsules are safe and convenient, as bloodroot is irritant and can cause nausea if  too much is taken. Dosage can be adjusted very easily. Capsules can be opened to give tiny doses to animals.

Apart from the claimed ability to shrink tumors, which is the main use of the capsules, users continue to report many other positive side-effects eg. improvements in eyesight, Hepatitis C problems, Herpes symptoms, many different types of infections and inflammation, gingvitis, circulation problems, digestion and more. 

Important Points About Zenith Bloodroot Capsules

  • Capsules contain bloodroot, graviola, chaparral and galangal. Nothing else.  
  • It should always be taken with food, to prevent nausea – a common effect. 
  • Internal bloodroot does not attack a tumor in the same way that the Salve does. It produces no eschar but gradually shrinks the lesion. Rarely, an eschar may occur on the skin. 
  • A low dose of bloodroot is necessary because a high dose has opposite effects to a low dose.
  • Low dose is also important because of the waste products that the body will have to deal with. Bloodroot’s ability to improve circulation is a bonus at this point. 
  • During the treatment time, it’s important to drink plenty of water, and choose a healthy preferably light diet – high in vegetables and fresh stuff, but low in grain, nuts, protein and high-sugar fruits. Use butter, olive oil and never margarine or poly oils. Be kind to your liver and kidneys. 
  • Begin with one capsule at breakfast, and when you are happy with that, take one at night as well. You may increase to two in the morning, and then two at night. You may also take an extra dose at lunchtime. Some people build up to quite high doses, but it’s up to you. Nine is generally the maximum.  The capsule may be opened and the powder mixed with honey or similar.
  • A side benefit that many people report, is that warts, polyps, skin tags or moles have shrunk away. You can find general info about bloodroot here
  • Bloodroot does not have efficacy of 100% when taken internally, but it is still very high. It has a great reputation, but is becoming harder to find as suppliers are being crushed by the FDA. 


Bloodroot Capsules 250mg (DS)


Bloodroot Capsules
Bloodroot Capsules

Zenith Herbal produce bloodroot capsules in Double Strength: 250mg per capsules. This is a good starting dosage. 

The price includes shipping within the USA! Great news. They contain bloodroot with graviola, chaparral and galangal in a size 0 capsule, and come in a pack of 100.

They contain quality fresh herbs and no fillers.


Link to Zenith Herbal…



  • Margo Falcon

    If I’m not sure where the tumor is on my breast is it ok to rub everywhere ? Thank you, Margo

  • Margo Falcon

    I have had breast cancer treated with chemo, small surgery and treatment drugs. I just found out that I have breast cancer again but a different kind. If I take the capsules, how many and for how long? I’m taking turkey tail, turmeric and high vitamin c. Thank you, Margo

  • Ivy

    Hi Ruth. I have been taking a very small amount of bloodroot orally mixed in water. I took it for 2 weeks. I have a very intense rash on my legs and arms and swelling in several of joint areas.
    Do you have any advice about how to relieve the itching and breakouts and should I start taking again. I did it as a detox. I am not on Facebook.
    Thsnk you.

  • Tawny

    Hello. I just ordered the capsules and the salve. I have developed allergies to a large amount of food and the list keeps growing. Not only food but herbs, and almost anything I use to aid in my inflammation from my allergies. I eat very well and my allergies are to fruits, veggies, nuts, and most of what is good for you. I have been health conscious for most of my life but when I eat a food consistently over a period of time I develop an allergy to it. The food that I can eat is shrinking to crap food that I haven’t eaten in over 20 years like burgers and fries. I’ve done liver, kidney, and bowel cleanses have had acupuncture and herbs etc… All of these help in some way but nothing ever solves the problem. I am at my wits end. I’m assuming this is some sort of auto immune issue and I’m at a loss on how to solve it. Anyway, I’ve just come across bloodroot and am going to try to see if it helps in any way. Does anyone have advice or experience with something like this? Thank you.

  • I believe that using the bio-identical hormone (progesterone) is the way to go. Explore the options by searching ‘natural treatments for endometriosis.’

  • Pauline James

    Can you use bloodroot capsules without active cancer… in a prophylactic dose? I had uterine cancer (polyp). Surgery removed it. No other treatment was necessary. I would appreciate any advice on dosage.

  • Melissa Hiebeler

    hello ruth!
    thank you so much for the clear explenation. i want to take it because of my endometriosis illness from which i am suffering for a long time. do you have any experiences in treating this illness of other customers?
    great to hear from you

  • Even small symptoms and strange sensations show that you are sensitive to the bloodroot, and this is a good thing. Increase dose if you can.

  • Julie

    Ruth will I see any signs that it’s working? I started several weeks ago and am at 2 caps three times a day. I had some fatigue and some other “feelings” inside the abdominal area, but nothing significant.

  • Julie

    I have two small nodules on a lung and one on the adrenal gland. I would like to take bloodroot for this but wonder if you have a recommendation as to how long I should take it? If I work up to two caps three times a day is that sufficient? I really don’t want these to grow or spread and feel now when they are very small would be the best time to deal with them.

  • Hi Tracy, I would use cannabis oil if you can get it, in preference to anything else. Because of the small amount of other herbs besides the bloodroot, there is no problem combining with other treatments. Best wishes…

  • Tracy

    How long should one treat stage 4 w/mets to lung and brain? What supplements contradict or conflicts with the ingredients of the internal bloodroot?

  • emily

    Help an you tell me how long I should use these bloodroot pills? and does any one know if It might help with alzhehimers

  • Dosage is tricky with animals, you have to start very small… and they may suffer loose bowels. I have heard of people having success with Neoplasene, and bloodroot product that is injectable, and used by vets.

  • Hope

    I own a 9 year old Saint Bernard not castrated weighs 142 lbs. Has a peri-anal tumor with an abscess that opens and closes on the right side of the tumor. The abscess off the tumor right now seems the size of quarter. Although when I took a flash light to his rear this morning it looked smaller. I will not have the tumor itself biopsied in fear if it is cancer it would spread into the lymph nodes. My main objective is to get rid of the abscess and tumor by using supplements. The dog will not allow me to touch the abscess so I think the cream is out but I am very interested in the blood root capsules. What are your ideas on this? Thank you Hope

  • Marjean Moore

    have received the bloodroot capsules ordered through Amazon. did Day one. do I wait two days to do day 3 or are days not mentioned same as previous day?

  • Judith Foley

    I have used black salve with great success and now Having read the benefits of taking bloodroot I would love to think I could take something natural to deal with the inflammation I have .There seems to be many benefits .

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