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Thanks to Black Salve!

By Ruth Hackman

I had five doctors tell me they had to operate “right NOW.” I had skin cancer on the side of my nose, and growing along about two inches under my eye.  They wanted to take a piece off each ear and try to graft it in at a cost of over $10,000.
 I researched for a couple of days and fell upon Black Salve with DMSO for skin cancer. When I applied it, my face on the right side swelled to the size of a grapefruit overnight.
Having courage to proceed, I covered it and suffered intense pain the first three days. My doctor, knowing I was going to try Black Salve, would not give me a pain killer.
After the third day, the wound started to ooze and I had to change bandages five or six times a day. At the end of the seventh day I peeled the bandage off and three huge white ball cores came out with the bandage leaving three holes.
The holes healed over and everyone tells me they just can’t believe it and I look beautiful. I have never looked beautiful in my life! But I think they mean it’s good not to see the cancer.

My process worked so well I have helped three other people get through it. I hope more doctors are beginning to understand there are natural cures. Thank you everyone for your support.




  • You think that Brita did not have a cancer? Really?
    This stuff will do nothing at all if you put it on normal skin.
    That inflammation is an immune reaction. Salve is an immune modulator.
    Mohs Paste is black salve. Dermatologists are still using it.
    Why do you think that lump of dead tissue was pushed out?

  • Sue

    GP, Oncologist… maybe Onco called in a second or even third, then maybe she went to different GP for another opinion and so it can go when they want to chop up your face.. You tend to look for hope through medic.

  • Donna

    Just curious why you would go to 5 doctors. I’ve heard of a second opinion, but 5? At least she had a diagnosis, unlike brita.

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