carol lung cancer 2

Carol’s Story

Carol used bloodroot orally. Her case is an outstanding example of how quickly oral bloodroot can work.

“My doctor told me that I had a large black tumor in my lung. It was inoperable cancer. They did not suggest chemo because it was so bad. It had spread to my stomach area. The doctors told me I had four to six months to live.

A Friend in Need…

A friend in my church told me about the (bloodroot) and said I should use it. He went on the computer and found the information to get it. I wrote and ask how to get it; and in a few days I received a bottle1 with the instructions on taking it. At the end of the first 20 days, I went back to the doctor for an MRI and to his shock and mine; the whole black mass was completely gone. He said I was cancer free. I continued to take it for the rest of the recommended time. I am happy today to still be alive and healthy.”

Carol O’Neal, Wyoming

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