Mr E Had a Biopsy…

After his biopsy, doctors told this man his skin cancer required extensive surgery, plus the usual recommended extra of chemotherapy and radiation. Here you can see the treatment that he opted for, in all its completeness. 

You can see how the cancer hardens and separates from the surrounding tissue, then comes cleanly away. Infection is unheard of because of the strong immune reaction caused by the bloodroot salve. 

Some people seem to be terrified by the prospect of the “hole” and the “scarring” – but have you ever seen a cancer surgery/treatment with results as beautiful as this?

For me, if a cancer is gone, I would not care about the scar. I have one actually. But I don’t have melanoma any more!



  • MetaCynic

    I have an approximately 1″ diameter skin cancer which has so far responded favorably to several small topical applications of a bloodroot salve over most of the site. However, more applications are needed. The problem is the intense pain lasting for several hours which is not diminished noticeably by any kind of topical or internally taken pain relievers.

    I have even applied Numbskin, a high strength lidocaine product commonly used to provide total pain relief in the inking and removal of tattoos. Still, the pain is barely tolerable even when the bloodroot is applied to small areas at a time. This is very discouraging knowing that bloodroot does work. For those whose advice is to be a man and endure the pain, my response is to imagine being burned with a cigarette for a few hours every other day! Even the strongest person would eventually break under this torture.

    Since there appears to be no way to control the pain with topical bloodroot, will the bloodroot capsules taken internally destroy this skin cancer? I don’t care about the cost or the time taken. I just want a successful outcome without the torturous pain.

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