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Scientific = Sci Fi ?

Why is it an accepted and almost ignored fact that doctors and prescription drugs and over-the-counter medications kill hundreds of thousands of Americans each year? Are there any doctors who speak out? Many patients place their trust in doctors that place their trust in research given to them by drug companies. Our apathy is killing us. And the number is increasing.

Bias Against Natural Treatments

Ever notice that when someone has an adverse reaction from a natural therapy, it’s big news! Even if it’s only suspected, and even if there is no evidence at all. The government is keen to save us from the horrors of natural therapy. (I remember being warned years ago about vitamin C, fish oil and glucosamine)! They prefer that we swallow the ‘scientific’ line… But how much truth does this line offer us?

It’s a Coin Flip…

Dr. John Ioannidis, a European epidemiologist showed that there is less than a 50 percent chance that the results of any “scientific” medical research paper will be true. So we have a better chance of flipping a coin than guessing if a study is valid. People who ridicule natural medicine cite these studies as a doctrine! Modern medicine is badly skewed towards those who make the most money. 

Compensation Payments are Preferable?

Many investigations prove that drug company and industry-funded research is virtually guaranteed to be favorable to their product. Other conflicts of interest play a significant role in the outcome as well. No real surprise there… but people don’t want to believe that drug companies are willing that people die in the interests of billion dollar profits. A few million in compensation to damaged patients is neither here nor there. Vioxx for example…

Did This Really Happen?

An example of how the tag “scientific” is taken to mean that an article can only be true… a group of MIT graduate students created a program that randomly generates computer-written research papers… with no chance of their being true! Interestingly, these fake papers were taken and published by various scientific journals. We cannot be fooled into believing that a “scientific” paper is unassailably true! It is not so.

PR Science  🙁

Highly paid PR firms disguised as scientific organizations have been created for the specific purpose of controlling how the media reports ‘new science’ and portrays industry and drug companies. Two examples are Science Media Centre and the American Council on Science and Health, both of which are heavily funded by the industries they represent. There is big money in science fiction.

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