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Gardasil Trials a Fraud says ACP

Many children and teens have been killed, maimed, hospitalized, injured and even paralyzed by HPV (Human Papillomavirus) Vaccine.

Information now indicates the vaccine has the ability to sterilize females.

The Gardasil trials have been shown to be fraudulent, because a clean placebo was not used. More below… 

*** There have now been thousands of serious adverse reactions (seizures, strokes, dizziness, fatigue, weakness, headaches, stomach pains, muscle pain and weakness, joint pain, auto-immune problems, chest pains, hair loss, appetite loss, personality changes, insomnia, hand/leg tremors, arm/leg weakness, shortness of breath, heart problems, paralysis, itching, rashes, swelling, aching muscles, menstrual cycle changes, fainting, swollen lymph nodes, night sweats, nausea, temporary vision/hearing loss) and over 100 deaths. Link

Another Nasty Unexpected Side-Effect

Gardasil is associated with Premature Ovarian Failure (POF) – where a girl’s ovaries stop working, and amenorrhea occurs (the cessation of menstrual periods). The overwhelming majority (76%) of reports of ovarian failure, premature menopause, and/or amenorrhea are associated solely with Gardasil, and no other vaccine.

Since 2006, 88% of reports of POF and premature menopause have been associated with Gardasil.  In the pre-HPV vaccine period from 1990 to 2006 there were no reported cases of POF or premature menopause after vaccination. 

The Danger of Sterilization is Not Listed…

So most doctors remain unaware of the danger, says the American College of Pediatricians –  therefore they are unlikely to look for or to report ovarian failure. The actual numbers are undoubtedly many times higher than the actual reports. 

Many of us have seen the Bill Gates video where he said that vaccines were a useful tool for population reduction. We had different reactions – shock, confusion, anger… and some thought he had only made a slip of the tongue. Surely he didn’t mean that. It’s not possible. Or is it? Ed.

How the Researchers Endangered Our Children

During an honest drug study, the placebo given to the control group will contain nothing. This way there is an honest assessment of the effect of the drug. But Gardasil trials were different: they put aluminum and polysorbate80 into the placebo injections. Why?

Well… the result was that both the placebo group and the treatment group experienced the same number of side effectsThe researchers then claim Gardasil is safe because it caused “no increase in adverse effects” when compared with “placebo.”

“Pre-licensure safety trials for Gardasil used placebo that contained polysorbate 80 as well as aluminum adjuvant,” says the ACP. “And that’s not an accident. It was done by design to conceal the harm caused by those ingredients.”



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