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Vaccine Company Pays Out to Argentina

By Javier Cardenal Taján at staff

Glaxo-Smith-Kline was fined for “irregularities” during vaccine trials in Argentina. Fourteen infants from the poor province chosen died after receiving the test vaccine.

GSK received its slap on the wrist, and paid up gladly – a pittance really – about $15,000 per child. In the mainstream media, GSK claimed the deaths were not a result of the trials. They stated that all the dead children had been given the placebo vaccine. The money paid was a boost to government coffers, not a help to the parents who lost their children.

babyVaccine companies are not permitted to experiment with human children in Europe or the United States, so they go to third-world countries where children are cheap.

To the Argentine government, GSK paid 8,000 pesos for each child included in the study. The money awarded after the trial was not given to the hospital or the poor province whose babies were used in the trial. 


The Charges

Two doctors were also fined alongside GSK for irregularities during the trials. The charges included

  • experimenting with human beings  
  • falsifying parental consent forms so babies could be used in the trials

The Vaccine Trial

A hospital in a very poor province was chosen for the vaccinations, and certain doctors at the hospital were recruited. Fifteen thousand children, under the age of one, were recruited from poor families that attended public hospitals. 

 Pediatrician Ana Marchese reported, “GSK Argentina set a protocol at the hospital, and recruited doctors working there, whose first job was to convince the many illiterate parents to sign the 28-page consent form. Ana said, “The practices … don’t comply with the minimum ethical requirements… the doctors who had conducted the trials tried to avoid the many phone calls made by worried parents after witnessing their babies’ reactions to the vaccine.”    ”

Doctor Marchese said she was ashamed of the government, and the scientific community that did not speak out. 

But A Family Member Spoke Out   

Julieta Ovejero, great-aunt of one of the six babies who died in Santiago del Estero, told reporters: “A lot of people wanted to leave the protocol but they were not allowed; they were forced to continue under the threat that if they leave they wouldn’t get any other vaccines for their children.”

Pediatrician Enrique Smith, one of the lead investigators, insisted it was a very low number of deaths. The trials were authorized when Enrique’s brother, Juan Carlos Smith, was the provincial health minister.

The Court’s Ruling

During the vaccine trial, those in charge of the study told reporters that the procedures were being carried out in a lawful manner. The court ruling, however, states that the GSK and the doctors involved broke all legal requirements for conducting clinical tests on babies. They failed to obtain necessary consent letters from participants, and they included children that did not meet the requirements for inclusion in the program.

Nothing Changes…

This is only one in a very long list of multiple vaccine-caused deaths over the past sixty years. 

GlaxoSmithKline is headquartered in London, United Kingdom. It is the world’s third-largest pharmaceutical company measured by revenues after Johnson & Johnson and Pfizer. GSK has a massive 28,333 square-metre manufacturing plant located in the Buenos Aires area.

Ironically, if one visits GlaxoSmithKline Argentina website, it welcomes the reader by saying: “We have a challenging and inspiring mission to improve the quality of human life by enabling people to do more, feel better and live longer.”


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