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Herbal Treatment for My Son’s Asthma

By Merry Lycett Harrison

My son Dave is the reason I became an herbalist. He had severe asthma and allergies as a child and when he was four, our pediatrician said it was time to put him on steroids. Unwilling to go that route unless it was absolutely necessary, I began my quest for other options. With the help of herbs, Dave’s health was restored. He has not had an attack of asthma since that time.

His lungs, however, do remain his weakest link, and he remains susceptible to pneumonia or bronchitis during the winter inversions when Salt Lake valley air is so bad that people are advised to stay indoors. During a recent red alert night, his hacking cough woke me up. He clued me in to what herbal therapy was necessary when he said he was trying to clear his lungs. Osha, or bear root, Ligusticum porterii, is my go-to herb for serious “lung grunge,” as my teacher, Michael Moore, called it. It is anti¬≠microbial, antiviral and promotes efficient expectoration, meaning it pushes congestion out of the lungs. I keep a jar of the tincture on hand. I put three droppersful into a glass of water and Dave drank it down. The herb worked beautifully.
In a short time his labored coughing ceased and the house was quiet for the rest of the night. He took three more droppersful in the morning for good measure. You do not have to have as fragile lungs as my son to be concerned about keeping your breathing apparatus healthy and less susceptible to illness during the bad air months, nor do you have to get really sick before you address the potential problem.
(Catalyst Magazine)

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