the_real_deal How Do I Choose a Good Salve?

Choosing a product to use is not easy if you do not have trustworthy advice. There are many ‘black salves’ available now, and some do NOT work. There are reports that there are now fake Cansema products on the market. This was a popular and reputable product, but opponents tried to destroy it.


Where Should You Buy It?

Many salves can be purchased on eBay, Amazon etc. And there are Youtube videos that show you different methods (and ingredients) to make your own. But it’s not cost-effective. A good salve must have the correct ingredients in the correct proportions, and they should be quality herbs. Don’t waste your time with a doubtful product. 

Poor Manufacturers Harm Customers

Some people try one or two different salves (on a diagnosed lesion) and then give up in disgust when they do not work. It can be very confusing. Salve costs between $10 and $300. Some less-than-careful producers are hurting the reputation of an amazing product. A reputable producer has the knowledge and ready supplies of fresh ingredients to make an effective and safe salve. An ineffective salve may lead you to believe that a lesion is benign, when it fact, it is not!

Due Diligence

Don’t get caught buying something that is bogus! Ask questions…

So, What’s in It?

At the very least, Salve contains the following ingredients:

The better salves also contain

Check List

  • So the first thing to check for is exactly that: make sure the ingredients listed above are there.
  • A reputable manufacturer with a good turnover is much more likely to be using quality fresh ingredients in the correct proportions.
  • Do not confuse Bloodroot Salve with Bloodroot Paste. This is a different product with a different purpose.
  • Drawing salves are a different! There are many black drawing salves out there under various names.
  • Always test it first on healthy skin. Nothing should happen except a little reddening.


Take a close look at the seller’s website. If it looks like a dog’s breakfast, do not rush to buy anything from them. Carelessness is a pervasive thing.

If the site is intelligent and user-friendly, contact the provider, usually by email or a contact form on the website. Make sure they really exist and it’s not just a scam. Expect a reply within one day. You should be able to see pictures of the physical product. The seller should accept Paypal as a payment method, and confirm that shipping happens as promised. You can also google search for a review of a particular product.


Be careful if you buy from a supplier in the USA, New Zealand, Australia or any country that has prohibited the sale of Bloodroot Salve. 


Our modern society is becoming increasingly aware of alternative health – natural medicine – partly in reaction to our western health care system. We also desire a more simple and natural and healthy way to live, and manage our health. Years ago, a famous USA journalist that printed in a major paper that doctors kill over 300,000 people per year. And not a squeak from any legal eagle… because it was a real statistic.

We the people want to have our choices respected. Don’t be afraid to try something just because of what others say or think. It’s your health. Get informed. You choose.


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