I have done an honest search to find as much information about what appear to be the best-selling products. Several that I knew seem to have disappeared. Please feel free to contact me to fix any errors or to add any products or information.



  • Steven Granni

    Regarding your comparison chart I want to point out that Alpha Omega / Herb Healers does indeed have free phone support and free email support. I know this for a fact as we have used their Amazon Deep Tissue salve to remove 21 tumors out my wife’s spine and hip bones. (She has stage four breast cancer with many mets to the bones.) It works very very well. Greg and Kathryn Caton have given us great support at no extra charge. Just wanted to mention this in all fairness. Also want to thank you for the efforts you are making here. No doubt about it, black salve and blood root do kill cancer. Thanks for all the risks you are taking here!

  • I know of another site called LifeLine Waters. They are based in the USA. In USD the salve plus shipping was $124. They call their salve Indian Herb.

  • I can’t see if this product is escharotic. It contains 11 mineral salts and 17 herbs (not listed), and there is a long list of claims. They say you can use it on the skin or orally, as a douche or rectally, or on a toothbrush. A 44g jar (less than 2oz.) costs over $160 shipped.

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