Black Salve is an escharotic. The term “eschar” or “escharotic” often comes up in connection with treatment of cancers and lesions.

When the salve comes into contact with a neoplasm or tumor, it “fixes” the cancer and it becomes an eschar (scab, or piece of dead tissue) that is then expelled from the body. 

Mohs’ paste which is used by dermatological surgeons is a black salve, made from bloodroot and zinc chloride, and “necrotizes” tumors (kills them). They become eschar, or dead tissue. 


Some definitions

1. producing an eschar, as a medicinal substance; caustic.
2. an escharotic agent

Free Dictionary

escharotic (ˌɛskəˈrɒtɪk) med


1. (Medicine) capable of producing an eschar