How to Use Bloodroot Salve

Firstly, please Consider Keeping  a Photo or Video Journal.

This is an important way to encourage others and keep a record and proof of your treatment. Sharing is caring! You may also share your story on our information site.


  • Consult your physician or Black Salve practitioner.
  • It’s good to have support!
  • And it may be good to know what you are up against.
  • Check out the black salve support group on Facebook.
  • Re-read Be Salve Aware.
  • Conduct the skin test on normal skin
  • Wash your hands, wash / exfoliate the area.
  • Stir the salve with a toothpick or similar.
  • If dry, add water and stir till smooth.


  • Apply salve 2mm thick over one lesion.
  • Apply no more than 24mm diameter patch.
  • Cover with a dressing or band-aid to keep salve in place.
  • Re-apply if salve comes off.
  • Leave for 24 hours.


  • If no redness or discomfort, wash it off.
  • If slight redness and itching, wash it off.
  • You may re-apply in a day or two, if unsure.
  • Reinspect.


  • There will be sustained tingling, discomfort, redness, swelling.
  • A lump may rise under the skin; spots may rise around the area.
  • The black salve may sink into the lesion; this is normal.

The Process

  • Leave the salve in place and re-cover. This is just a protection from knocks.
  • It may become part of the lesion, but it does not matter if it comes off at this stage.
  • There will be redness and pus, often in a ring shape. 
  • This is a sign that the bad tissue is separating. 
  • Change dressing daily, or as required.
  • Use pain relief as necessary.


  • The reaction may seem to stop after a time. Re-apply.
  • Keep the area moist with coconut oil or similar.
  • The dead lesion will harden and rise.
  • It will form a scab (eschar).
  • Don’t pull anything out or off.
  • Let it come out unaided.

Check the Cavity

  • If there is a patch of firm white tissue amongst the pink, you may need to reapply at some point.
  • Mix salve with aloe vera gel for reapplication, or use a gentle salve.
  • If there is a reaction, cover and let the salve work again.
  • Multiple eschars may be ejected over time.


  • Depending on the size of the cavity remaining, you may need professional dressings done.
  • Clay is a good option for healing, or a healing salve.
  • Keep the area moist for quicker healing.
  • Use a preparation containing some DMSO for quicker healing and reduced scarring.
  • Scars are often invisible, but usually minimal with smaller lesions.

Larger lesions

  • If you have questions, use the contact me link.
  • if you realize your lesion is large…
  • or particularly painful or weepy…
  • find a competent practitioner for help and advice.