ZENITH HERBAL Bloodroot Capsules

Bloodroot Capsules
Bloodroot Capsules

(Double Strength)

Bloodroot capsules are a dietary supplement that can have many good side effects. 

DS Bloodroot capsules contain a total of 250mg of herb – bloodroot with graviola, chaparral, galangal and nothing else. TS capsules contain 100mg each of bloodroot, catsclaw and graviola. These herbs all tested as having anti-tumor action. 


About Bloodroot Capsules

Bloodroot capsules are most commonly used as a systemic treatment for tumors and other neoplasms – though they are not 100% effective for every person. Capsules would be a good option for larger tumors, but you must consider healthy lifestyle changes to optimize your long-term outcome.

Other Benefits

Bloodroot capsules are also often effective in removing warts and moles. Bloodroot is also an effective general tonic, because it has antifungal, anti-inflammatory and antibiotic properties. People also report improvements in eye problems and oral health problems. 

Length of regime will vary from one month to a year. Dosage depends on individual reaction and tolerance.

How to Take the Capsules

Bloodroot must be taken in small doses, and taken with food. Do keep a photo journal please if you have visible skin lesions, warts etc. and not just for your own sake. Let me know how you go, and contact me with any queries.

 During and after your treatment, you may have blood tests to check the cancer markers. Don’t be squeamish. It’s great to have evidence to show others. Blood tests are a good way to avoid the risks involved with radiographic scans.

If you are treating an animal, open the capsule and mix only a pinch into wet food up to three times daily. Gradually increase the dose. 

The Conservative Regime

Day 1-3: Begin by taking one capsule with breakfast. On an empty stomach, it will most likely cause nausea. Some people are more sensitive to bloodroot than others. If one capsule seems to be too much, or if you can’t swallow a capsule,  you can open the capsule and mix (half) the herbs into a little honey to swallow.

Day 4-6: If your stomach is tolerating the initial dose, increase to one capsule in the morning and one at night.

Day 7-9: You may increase to two capsules in the morning.

Day 10-12: You may increase to two capsules at night.

Day 13: You may increase to two capsules, three times per day.

After this, the dose may increased further, if tolerated.


Some people may experience nausea, or loose bowels for a time. Reduce the dose to give your system time to adjust. You may feel pulling sensations or discomfort in your body at times, or flu-like symptoms.

As waste is removed from the body, you will probably experience a kind of healing crisis. Your liver and kidneys have to deal  with extra dead cells, and get them out of the body. You may feel ill and tired for a time. This could be the time to take a week-long break from the capsules. It’s important to drink plenty of water and to make good dietary choices: plenty of vegetables, low-sugar fruits, while minimizing protein, grain, nuts and dairy.

Take a break: It may be necessary to take a break from the treatment for a week or so. You will probably know when this is necessary for you. 


Diagnosis is the great strength of the medical system, and you may have blood tests or thermography or another scan to follow your progress.

Unusual reaction: Rarely does it happen, but a tumor may come to the surface of the skin, appearing like a scab (eschar). Leave it to come out by itself, and then apply dressings for healing.

If white tissue is visible in the cavity, you may apply bloodroot salve at some point. If you do not wish to use salve, just continue with the bloodroot capsules.


You can also join the Black Salve facebook group for a supportive community,  and maybe get some encouragement if you feel anxious.  https://www.facebook.com/groups/blacksalve/  


 All the best… Ruth