Firstly, What is Bloodroot Paste?

blood-root-pasteBloodroot paste is similar to salve, but it contains no zinc, so it is not an escharotic formula. The classic herbs are bloodroot, graviola leaf, chaparral leaf and galangal root. Bloodroot paste may be water or oil based. 

Because inflammation hardly ever occurs, pain will be minimal – if any. People generally use bloodroot paste for surface cancers, moles, warts etc. It is not advisable for deeper cancers. For these, salve is preferable.

Paste is suitable for use in the mouth; the small volume used will not be toxic, and it’s also suitable, actually preferable, for pets. Taking bloodroot orally, as in capsules, can helps make the treatment more effective by cleaning up unwelcome cells growing at other places in the body. 

How To Make…

Method A: put the powder from a few capsules into a small container, and mix with a little coconut or olive oil. Cover and sit for three days, stirring occasionally. Texture should be kinda creamy. 

Method B: put equal amounts of bloodroot, graviola, chaparral and galangal in saucepan. (Bloodroot is the most important ingredient. Different herbs may be substituted for the others if you wish). Add water or coconut oil and mix well until smooth like a thick soup. Place over heat, and simmer ten minutes for oil, or fifteen minutes for water. Add more water or oil if the mixture gets too thick. A little DMSO or glycerine can be added. 

How to Use

A little paste is applied every day to the surface of the lesion in question, and the lesion should shrink over about one month. (Inside the mouth, it is applied more often). Alternatively, a heavier application can be done – on skin – every two days, then covered and left alone. 

If Eschar Forms

Usually, no eschar (scab) will form and come out. If an eschar does form, you cease application, and let the process continue unaided. Use some balm or coconut oil until the eschar comes out, then keep moist until the cavity heals. 

Tip for Mouth and Dental Problems

While you are playing with herbs, make a simple antibiotic mouthwash. For gingvitis, bleeding gums etc., make a tea using a teaspoon of bloodroot in a cup of boiling water, steep ten minutes, cool and strain. Swish one mouthful two or three times per day. 

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