Media Twist on Black Salve Story

Joe had treated a number of cancers over several months, and this particular one was very painful. It turned out to be larger than expected. He was not worried about the eschar or the hole; he knew it would heal, as the other treatments had done. He just needed some more pain medication, and went to the hospital.

The treating doctor, according to Joe, took a photograph and then his story was publicized in a misleading way. The aim was to discredit and demonize the black salve treatment. 

What Actually Happened

The first small application of salve only removed the central piece where you can see the indentation. The second application caused the entire tumor to turn to eschar, and it eventually fell out. The cavity then healed. If only every skin cancer was treated this way…

Below are pictures from Joe’s mobile phone… one of the eschar, and one of the site as it is now.


Here I will put in a couple of pictures here of my own. It’s pretty graphic, but surgery would have been equally bloody and the hole much larger. (Yes, it was somewhat painful). The first pic is taken on the day that my melanoma came out, this took seven days. The second pic is taken of the healing progress about five days later. It’s completely healed now and all tests are clear. 



  • lea

    I cannot reccomend it highly enough.. The scars from the BS are no where as big as my surgical scars from melonoma removal.

  • Gail Fay

    Brilliant stuff. My mother had a large tumour between the eyebrows but refused to try black salve. She trusted her specialist who surgically removed it and left her scarred. The cancer returned even more aggressively within a few months. She finally agreed to let me try black salve. She was amazed. Completely gone without a trace.

  • Blood tests may lie? Whatever… Salve does not react on normal skin. That’s always the second test.
    Watch a melanoma disappear from your body, and it’s pretty convincing.

  • me

    “and now the tests are clear” … they weren’t before? Or were you just tested afterwards. Maybe there was no cancer at all….

  • Jeffrey E Forsyth

    It saved my life. I had had surgery once before. Costly, painful and I nearly died. It was ancer on my left temple. Then a big one on my shoulder and back… It was crippling me and I couldnt even wash or dress. Then I found Black Salve. It was tingly but painless and cleaned up perfectly. The area became red 300mm (12 inches) across and little spots that far away also festered and fell away. Surgery would have missed them. I’m fighting fit now and sixty years old. My dog found the cancers by sniffing and licking there all the time as I did not notice them. Very grateful to the bus driver who told me about salve.

  • michael

    BS is the best & only way to remove many types of problem skin conditions to my knowledge, have been using this for over half my life, am well into my 60’s and have a fair knowledge of how good it really is, Was threatened by the TGA here in Australia with $440,000 fine & or 5 years jail for selling it on behalf of a 3rd party on ebay a few years ago, so unfortunately had to stop helping people getting better and forcing them back to our evil pharma bicycle going round & round in circles getting poorer and sicker all the while, sooner it is legalised the better for everyone-except the Pharma’s bank accounts of course.

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