Jimmy Shares his Melanoma Treatment

(graphic but fairly classic black salve treatment)


Published on Dec 17, 2013

On first couple of slides the melanoma begins to grow and bleed when it was disturbed by clothing for more than two and a half years ago. We use some herb treatment until it shrank to a quarter inch in diameter and it almost became flat. But during the two years the melanoma continued to grow slowly 2cm X 1cm, this can be seen in the video. We were afraid for the melanoma to spread and get larger, so we decided to use black salve which we saw reviews about on you tube. Many people said that the black salve pulled things out of the body so we decided to go that route. We applied the black salve a total of seven times, and between those seven times we applied the healing salve. It took a total of 40 days before it fell off. After it fell of we only applied the healing salve.

I might create a second slide show when the wound heals.

Jimmy Lovebird


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