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(NaturalNews) What if we told you there exists a blend of herbs so powerful, effective, and safe for treating cancer that no other conventional treatment even comes close? And what if we told you this same herbal formula only targets malignant cells while leaving healthy cells and other tissue alone? The formula in question actually does exist, and it is traditionally known as black salve, a “magical” cancer cure of sorts that also safely treats viruses and many other health conditions without causing harmful side effects.
If you have never heard of black salve, it is probably because the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) does not recognize it as an official cancer treatment. In fact, most medical authorities who have heard of black salve reject it as any type of medical treatment because it is made from all-natural herbs that are not patented or owned by corporations, which automatically means they “do not work” in the eyes of the medical-industrial complex (even though they actually do work!)

The miraculous healing power of bloodroot

In truth, black salve is one of the most powerful natural cancer treatments known to man. And this is primarily due to the fact that it contains bloodroot, a potent herb native to the United States and Canada that is already recognized among many in the natural health community as being effective in the treatment of warts, moles, skin tags, cherry angiomas, and skin cancer. But as it turns out, bloodroot is also effective internally as a treatment for ovarian, breast, bladder, prostate, bone and many other cancers.

How should you use it?

Many people have successfully used it both externally and internally to treat all types of cancer, viral infections, gastrointestinal problems, and other conditions. It can be applied directly to small malignancies for rapid removal.
Internally, mixing a small amount of Indian salve paste about the size of half of an English pea in water or putting it into a capsule can help effectively treat and eliminate cancer in as few as 20 days. 
Natural News is exercising its free speech rights to share this information with you, and we have absolutely no financial or other connection with any company offering black salve. We are merely informing you about this amazing healing compound for your own benefit, should you or a loved one develop an “incurable” condition like cancer that cannot be treated using conventional methods.

Here is another great video about breast cancer Black Salve treatments.




  • Julia, By taking bloodroot capsules, the active ingredient goes anywhere the blood goes. You could also make a suppository from something like coconut oil with the powder from a couple of capsules. This should be retained as long as possible – overnight is do-able for some. I would not advise using salve in this way because of the zinc chloride and the possibility of causing an eschar via the rectal wall.

  • julia green

    What would be the most effective way to reach the male prostate? Would you want to use DMSO internally regarding the prostate? Would a suppository injected to the area closest to the prostate be best?
    Please reply at your earliest convenience.

    Julia Green

  • Bobby Long

    Do not be scared of bloodroot, it was used to cure cancer thousands of years before chemo and radiation. They (the medical est.) cannot patient a plant so they denounce it as quackry. It works very well at a small price with wonderful results. Consult a natural healer and he will instruct on the best diet to get max results..

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