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Bye-bye European Union

We are sad to announce that we will no longer be shipping our products to countries in the European Union.


eu-flag-colorThe number of regulations that befall the residents of the EU is simply stunning and over the top. They seem to have a particular vendetta going against the Natural Health industry. There is simply NO way we can comply with these – I guess that was the whole idea from the get go. 

We’d be putting ourselves at terrible risk if we continued to do so. Sorry folks, this is a no-win for us.


Customs in some EU countries are worse than in others, but it is still very restrictive either way. 

Some customers have had their property stolen (“confiscated”), while others have had to pay heavy customs duties. Sadly, it always seems to fall back on us, and the endless hassles are just not worth while. 

Really want to get it to the EU?

I guess that if you’re in the EU, you could always ask a friend who lives in the USA to get it shipped to them, and then send it to you as a “gift”. If you don’t know anyone in the US, just go to the Facebook Group and ask. There are many kind souls who will help you out.

So that’s it folks, no more shipping to the EU from today (16 August 2016) onwards.

Hugh and Ruth


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