The Action of Bloodroot Salve on Various Lesions 

Most of us have heard of the successful use of Salve for skin cancers, and many of us have used it for different types of cancers – both ‘malignant’ and ‘benign.’ 

Sadly many people believe the stories they hear, and think that the salve will “burn a hole”. This is a myth. Salve does not damage normal skin cells. 

Before using Bloodroot Salve, one should become fully informed, and then perform a skin test on normal skin for peace of mind. Though it is recommended for smaller lesions, testimonies show that it has been used for such things as abdominal sarcoma, liver cancer, and breast cancer, with success. These treatments are not to be undertaken lightly. 

What Will Salve Target?

1. Black (bloodroot) salve seems to attack malignancies (diagnosed) aggressively. These become scab tissue and then fall out.

2. Bloodroot taken internally, users state, shrinks tumors from within. 

3. Salve (or oral bloodroot) may also react with “non-cancerous” growths that may become full-fledged cancers over time. 

***Examples of these lesions include polyps, sebaceous cysts, warts, moles and actinic keratoses.

When a good Salve is applied to a lesion and there is no reaction, it’s a good sign that there is nothing to worry about. 

For the other side of the story, read “My Doctor Said It Was Nothing.”