Autism Still on the Rise


Despite the CDC admitting to a cover-up of the major link between childhood vaccinations and autism, doctors continue to publish denials about any problems with vaccines. But autism and SIDS both continue to rise! I find some very compelling points in this new study. Something is obviously causing inflammation in the children’s brains, but the doctors have no idea what it could possibly be (?)


New Study Shows Immune-related Inflammation in Children’s Brains

In the USA, the world’s most vaccinated children have now reached an autism rate of one per 68 children. The latest study (a collaborative effort between Johns Hopkins and the University of Alabama) found that autistic brains exhibit a pattern of ramped-up immune responses.  

Previous studies found abnormalities in cells – microglial cells – that support neurons in the brain. They police the brain for pathogens, toxins and other threats. In autistic children, the microglia appeared to be perpetually activated. The inflammation response is continually turned on (as if there is some threat to the brain). 

The doctors think that the inflammation is unlikely to be the root cause of autism. Rather than finding the cause of the inflammation, they would like to treat the inflammation with drugs to see if there is any improvement. (source)


Vaccine Facts

Little ones are being injected up to 30 times into children before they reach the age of seven.

Many doctors refuse to vaccinate their children. 

On the flu shot insert, CDC advise only one shot per life time. 

A recent outbreak of whooping cough affected only the vaccinated.

Several teenagers have died over the past year after the Gardasil vaccine. 


And Here are the Safe Ingredients…

Thiomersal: a mercury compound that causes neurological dysfunctions. There are 25 mcg in an average flu vaccine, the EPA safety limit is 5 mcg. 

Aluminum phosphate: neurological dysfunctions

Bovine serum: extracted from cow tissue, shown to cause of arthritis and lupus

Sorbitol: a synthetic sweetener that causes gastrointestinal issues

Gelatin: from collagen in animals’ skin and bones 

Egg protein: may contain growth hormones, antibiotics and salmonella

Human albumin: blood protein from pooled human venous plasma 

Formaldehyde: carcinogenic fluid used to embalm the dead

MSG: monosodium glutamate, which when injected becomes a neurotoxin, and can cause brain damage

Fetal cells: from aborted children

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