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Family in Western Australia Forced to Vaccinate Then Victimized for Speaking Out About Damage

serve and protectAnother Vaccine Horror Story…

Ben and Tanya were refused access to their newborn unless they accepted vaccines.

This procedure assumes that vaccinated people cannot transmit disease, which in itself is nonsensical.

Ben had a disastrous side-effect and became quadriplegic. His disability benefit is not sufficient to pay the mortgage and feed the children. What could be worse, you may ask? The results of speaking out. 

Media Attention Leads to Deadly Assault

Tanya has become outspoken about the need for a Vaccination Compensation Scheme. She has done TV, radio and newspaper interviews. Tanya and Ben believe if people are forced to have vaccines, then there should be a compensation plan for injuries like Ben’s.  

Horrifically, Tanya was dragged out of her car and bashed shortly after she was interviewed on local TV. Her jaw, windpipe and a bone in her neck were broken. The attacker was given a fine and good behaviour bond.

So What Did the Government Do to Help the Family?

They sent in the Police to serve and protect them…

At 6am the family was woken by the police breaking their door down. They dragged a paralyzed Ben from his bed, slammed him to the floor and held him there with a gun to his head. Tanya’s head was also slammed repeatedly into the floor and a gun held against her head. She was helpless to comfort her children as they screamed. 

The police said they had a warrant to search the home for crystal meth.  They confiscated Ben’s medical catheters and his medical marijuana. But they found no evidence of crystal meth. Surprise. 

Tanya is asking that concerned people contact their local MP to ask for an investigation. 

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