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Black Salve
Black Salve


  • Black salve may appear a little more bizarre than some other treatments – but it is not an exception where complete blackout of its efficacy is concerned. It was well known among physicians in England and North America. Like many other treatment modalities it has been completely suppressed and removed from the practice of orthodox medicine. 
  • The efficacy of a well-prepared cancer salve is 100%. This doesn’t mean that it is the appropriate treatment for all cancers, but when applied, it always works. The salve should be regarded as a mono-therapy. It should always be part of an integrated protocol. 
  • The cancer salve is a paste, made of native American herbs, that is placed on a small spot on the skin, close to a diagnosed or suspected malignancy. The salve will cause the skin to react, but if there is no malignancy, nothing will happen. However, if there is a tumor present within the tissue under the selected spot, the salve forces the body to eject the tumor by bringing it to the surface, until it completely emerges and detaches itself from the skin. The process usually begins by pus-like fluid oozing through the lesion, then within 2-3 weeks the main tumor will emerge, without the need for any interference, and with no danger of metastasis. In some cases the tumor doesn’t come out as a solid object, but as thick fluid, or, in the case of prostate cancer, for instance, as a number of small, jelly-like globules. Should the cancer be melanoma, or another type of skin cancer, the salve will eliminate the condition through topical action.
  • We managed to talk to dozens of women who treated themselves with breast cancer, or were helped by an expert in using the salve. One of them is an MD who brought out a tumor from her breast by this method. It is one of the greatest tragedies of current medical policy that women, who should have no more difficulty getting rid of a newly diagnosed breast cancer than of a flu or the common cold, are subjected to mutilation, and are dying by the thousands from this condition.
  • Having said that, let us state in no uncertain terms: When a woman is diagnosed with a tumor in her breast, before any surgical intervention, even before a biopsy, an expert should be contacted and a treatment with escharotics should be discussed. Chances are that the cancer can be eliminated without danger, at a very modest cost. Inoperable brain tumors were drained through a lesion on the neck with this method, and lung cancer has been successfully treated with the salve. All these positive results do not mean that this therapy is without risk. No one should enter self treatment recklessly.
  • Is it possible that such a dread disease like breast cancer, that claims the lives of hundreds of thousands of women, can be eliminated with a ridiculously simple and cheap method? YES.



“Natural Cures” discusses bloodroot… some good points here.



  • Some people have applied salve on the perineum to treat a prostate cancer. This can be done, but it’s not a procedure to be taken in hand lightly. It should not be done by someone who is not confident, equipped and willing to follow through.

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