Here is Your Alternative to Unsafe Commercial Sunscreens



Visit to find the all natural sunscreen that does not promote skin cancer!

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Here is a link to good info about safe sunscreens, and a recipe to make your own!


Here are the key points about natural sunscreens that distinguish them from others:




• Totally natural ingredients, 100% Natural, mostly Organic

• Safe to apply to a Baby’s skin under 6 months of age

• Up to 4 hours water and sun protection

• Protects against UV A, B & C rays

• Antioxidant & anti-aging oils to prevent weathering of skin

• Totally biodegradable formula

• Absolutely No Animal Testing

• No PABA, OMC’s, benzophenones etc.

• No mineral oils

• No fragrance

• No parabens

• No eye sting

• Non whitening

• Non allergenic

You will see brands call themselves “natural” but they will contain things like Parsol (Avobenzone) and parabens. These are not natural, they are just cashing in on the term. Unfortunately the FDA has a pretty broad acceptance for the term “natural” and a number of companies use this to their advantage.