Here’s my story:

In 2010 my doctor told me that I had skin cancers on my face. I was terrified even though it was ‘only skin cancer.’ I thought about the people I had known who had died despite surgery and chemo. I remembered the awful scars on the face of an ‘uncle’ who had surgery for a ‘small’ cancer that turned out to be not-so-small. I hoped I could find another way…

During this time I met a lady who had five squamous cell carcinomas on her face. She was treating them with a black ointment. I watched as she removed, one at a time, five large tumors from her nose, forehead and cheeks. One of the most wonderful things was to see how beautifully the areas healed. There was hardly a mark.
So after a lot more reading, I decided to go ahead and treat my cancers (basal cell carcinomas). They turned out to be small and six weeks later it was all over. I was massively relieved. That black stuff was magic! And a funny thing –  my friend who so generously shared her Black Salve actually got it from a vet who had taken a skin cancer off her horse’s nose!

I was hooked… so I kept reading. I remember the research being long and frustrating at the time. I was sifting through pages of information about black salve; sadly, at least half of them were simply advertising their product. Amongst people who used black salve there was conflicting information on the best way to use it. I looked at the sites that claimed that black salve was a scam and a dangerous product. They say that zinc chloride will lift your skin off, or that bloodroot is corrosive. They claim it will burn a black hole in your body, and that you will be left with a huge unsightly scar! Their arguments do not hold up. Their pictures only tell one small piece of the story. (In fact, the two main images used to discredit black salve are both post-surgery photographs). My own research showed me that you are much much more likely to have a huge unsightly scar if a surgeon cuts out your skin cancer. (But personally, I would rather have a scar than a cancer. How about you?) See actual complete black salve treatments.

Black Salve, in my experience, simply works. I have helped others to use it, and it worked. It turns growths into scabs, and it did nothing to the areas of good skin where I tested it first. All the garbage information out there only deters people from using it… or using it SAFELY. Also I saw people on forums advising each other how to make black salve, how to use black salve… incorrectly! But where could they find out how to use it correctly? I thought at the time that I would love to play a part in changing all that. Using it properly is not rocket science. It just works.

Now here it is! A single repository of good and useful information about Black Salve, all in one place, nicely linked for easy browsing, with continuous updates and news items. Learn what is in it, what the ingredients do, how to use Black Salve, and what to be aware of, before you start.
I hope you like my site as much as I have enjoyed creating it for you, and if you are also in the unfortunate position of needing treatment, here is the stuff you need to make an informed decision. Do find a good doctor for diagnosis, support and for blood tests after treatment. Because it works!
Ruth Dee