“What a crazy looking thing that is!” you may be thinking. It certainly looks like something from a weird science fiction movie, don’t you think?

It has a name: these things are called an “eschar” – it’s a scab actually. You can see more of them in the image gallery below. It’s a rubbery mixture of dead tumor cells, bloodroot, skin, blood cells,and all manner of things. What you see is the death of a skin tumor.

But why?

Here’s the thing. A plant called “bloodroot” (Sanguinaria canadensis) has been used by native Americans for ever to treat all sorts of skin problems. It grows in the colder regions of North America, mainly in Canada. When herbal mixtures are combined with a slightly caustic substance such as Zinc Chloride and applied ot the skin, it causes the formation of an eschar. This allows the body to expel the dead tissue, including the tumor. 

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In Europe, herbalists and healers have added a caustic substance (mainly zinc chloride) to herbal mixtures to cause the creation of such an eschar since the 1600’s. The eschar forms from dead tumor cells. It’s an old and well-known technique.

As a result, the modern treatment for skin disorders is to add bloodroot and a variety of other herbs and add zinc chloride to the mixture.

Don’t believe me? There are literally thousands of testimonials out there, a few of which are on this site.

Fantastic, isn’t it?

Sadly, because of the medically regulated world we live in, knowledge of this treatment is not all that common. So please help spread the word, click the share button to share with friends and family, but even better, share it in the health-related groups you’re a member of.

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Want more?

First of all, visit the “Bloodroot Salve Information Hub” at and take a look around, especially at the testimonials.

Then join the Bloodroot Salve Discussion Group if you have a skin condition yourself. There are many helpful people in the group who can provide knowledge and support.


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