One of the members in our Black Salve group posted this and asked for it to be shared. Here it is!

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thermovidThe aim of our company is to prevent death from breast cancer by revolutionising the routine breast screening program.

It is insanity to continue with the use of routine mammography that increases the risk of getting breast cancer and not expect a rise in cancer cases! By introducing 21st century screening technology we can expand the routine screening program to include millions of younger women and for the very first time include men. Medical Digital Infrared Thermal Imaging is medically recognised and can detect the earliest signs of cancer years before mammography, without increasing risk. From screening less than 100 people in one clinic in 2008, we are now performing thousands of scans and visiting 26 clinics around the country and demand is still increasing. Winning would enable us to promote our business, purchase more cameras, train more people to become thermographers and explore the many beneficial uses for this emerging technology.



Ruth wrote about this before, so take a look there too: Mammogram Risks vs Thermography


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