Ricci Carr’s Story

Ricci decided to use salve for her thyroid cancer, and was successful. Another option would have been to use bloodroot orally, eg. capsules. 

Ricci Writes…

“In 2005, I was diagnosed with thyroid cancer. The doctors and specialists at the hospital wanted to take my thyroid out using surgery. I have been a nurse and I know that when you cut cancer, cancer spreads.”

Ricci decided to treat herself using a black salve… A friend helped her and they took photographs throughout the process. For 16 weeks they applied the salve. Ricci’s New Zealand doctors were not pleased, and tried to pressure her into surgery.

Ricci says, “I got regular calls from the surgery and from the specialists at the hospital to say you must have this done, over the sixteen weeks. The pressure was enormous.

And I said, ‘Thank you, but no thank you’.

‘Oh, but you won’t live very long’.

And I said, ‘Well, I’ll take my chances, thanks’.

Sometimes it will take two to three weeks to draw all the muck and gunk from the cells that have been damaged. You can have things like [?] residue, operation, radiation, all kinds of things in those cells that the DNA has held, it will draw out. And however long your body needs to do that, it will take to do it. I was able, in that 16 weeks, to probably cover about 16, 17 lesions in total that came from the thyroid down the lymph to under my chin and across the left-hand side and up behind my ear and down my left shoulder, as well. They all healed in time and I’m still alive to tell the story.”

Ricci’s story comes from the “One Answer to Cancer” DVD.


  • Natalie

    Hi Kelly, I also have a large nodule in my thyroid although it’s assumed at this stage there are no malignant cells. I’m curious to know how the black salve worked on your thyroid? Thank you, Natalie

  • Kelly

    I was diagnosed with a rather large cancerous thyroid nodule in March 2015 and since have begun several natural protocols to kill it naturally but have now ordered black salve to do the deed. I initially wanted to accomplish this goal in a way that was painless and since I meet with new clients everyday, I wanted to at least wait until my busiest time of the year is over. That will be tomorrow . . . so it is ordered and my husband and I will take pictures along the way. I am not looking forward to the pain on the sensitive throat area, but it will be so much better than the medical methods today of cut, burn and poison. Any success stories out there with this particular type of cancer?

  • BS will normally not react on non-malignant cells, Christine. I knew mine was cancer, so I applied (you usually apply it only once, and on one small area at a time). Get really well informed before you try this.

  • Christine

    I have been told by an enthusiastic Dr that I have hashimotos. I take Thyroxine and supplement with Iodine too. I have BS around my throat on moles and bits that I am drawn to. I would love to know more about your story. Did you have anything on the skin to guide you as to where to salve? Or ddi you just go all over? Thanks for any info. Christine

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