walnut police
Walnut Police

FDA Threatens Walnut Producer

Diamond Food Inc. are told that their walnuts are a drug

What happened to “let your food be your medicine? Diamond Food states health benefits of their product on the package. These benefits are supported by real research, unlike the paid research of many rubbish foods that claim to be “heart-safe,” or whatever else they want consumers to believe.

Walnuts are a natural healthy food. Yet the producer is threatened with seizure. Is the FDA showing its concern here for our health? No, it’s showing its loyalty to the medical industry that is systematically working against natural and alternative health.

So, Farmers Markets may need to beware of Vegetable Police if they say vegies have health benefits?

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  • David Yow

    A government gone wild for sure. I recently wrote a blog post about how to protect yourself from Ebola virus. I wonder if some alphabet soup agency will be breathing down my neck? If you don’t mind me posting this- the article can be found here: http://www.gatewaytothailand.club/

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