Doctors afraid Escharotics

sanguinaria canadensis

What Do You Know About Escharotics?

An escharotic is a mixture of a herb (or botanical) with a mineral (usually a mild caustic). Escharotics have been around for literally centuries; documents from the sixteenth century describe how to make and use them. These mixtures are traditionally used for “neoplasms” – new growths – tumors and lesions of various kinds, both malignant and benign. They are so called because they cause the growth to become eschar or scab – dead tissue. Thousands of people are now using bloodroot escharotic to remove skin cancers, and even those below the skin. 

What Can Bloodroot Do?

American settlers found the Indians using the root of this plant (now called sanguinaria canadensis) in many ways. They made red body paint, medicines, and treated growths and tumors. The root was prepared in different ways. Early American physicians began to use bloodroot for their patients. 

Mohs (medically acclaimed) chemosurgery technique used bloodroot and zinc chloride. This was basically the same formula used by earlier practitioners, such as Harry Hoxsey and Dr Fell, who were hounded out of the country by the medical industry. Mohs found the mixture “fixed” the tumor, by consolidating the cells and separating them from the surrounding healthy tissue. 

Why Does the Medical Industry Oppose It?

FDA has banned the bloodroot salve, but dermatologists continue to use it. If doctors promoted its proper use, there would not be people who treat, unwisely, a cancer that was left too long and grew large. 

Researchers from University of Vermont College of Medicine reviewed escharotic use for skin disease and they commented that use of these herbal applications may lead to scarring and residual cancer cells.  (McDaniel S, Goldman GD.Consequences of using escharotic agents as primary treatment for nonmelanoma skin cancer. Arch Dermatol. 2002 Dec;138(12):1593-6)  This sounds like cancer surgery to you? Exactly. 

Behold the Propoganda…

Opponents of bloodroot or bloodroot salve prevent “evidence” in the form of images, which may or may not be images of one stage of an escharotic treatment. They will show either the eschar stage or the stage where the eschar has fallen out. 

  • They never show the final stage where the area is healed.
  • They ignore the fact that the salve does not harm normal tissue.
  • They tell you that zinc chloride will burn a hole in your body.

Look at the Real Story

Here is a better and more truthful story…   a picture diary of removal of a squamous cell carcinoma. The little ridge of scar tissue was caused by the biopsy. 

Why Do They Want You to be Afraid of Escharotics?

Because they seem to work…