What is Bloodroot Salve?

What is Bloodroot Salve? How does it work? Frequently Asked Questions answered!

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Testimonials and stories from people who have used Bloodroot Salve. Some truly amazing reading.

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The Bloodroot Salve Discussion Group on Facebook is the most popular place on the internet for chat and help.

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The Zenith Herbal Story

Zenith was formed four years ago as a small family business. The members saw an amazing product that was not well known, and set out to make it more popular. 

The Bloodroot Discussion Group was formed so there might be a community of people that could help each other, and share stories. 

There have been so many brilliant stories about results on both humans and animals. We learnt that bloodroot can be taken internally, and that it works throughout the body this way.

I hope you find the information here useful. Your health, your knowledge… your decision!

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