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What is Bloodroot Salve?

What is Bloodroot Salve? How does it work? Frequently Asked Questions answered!


Users’ Stories

Testimonials and stories from people who have used Bloodroot Salve. Some truly amazing reading.



The Bloodroot Salve Discussion Group on Facebook is the most popular place on the internet for chat and help.

Buy Bloodroot Salve

Bloodroot Salve and Bloodroot Capsules are both available from Zenith Herbal. Worldwide Shipping.


Ruth’s Story


I first found out about Salve after I was diagnosed with basal cell cancers on my face. I watched a new friend remove squamous cell cancers from her face and nose with great success. My story was similar; three tumors were removed without a mark.

Since then I have manufactured salve and helped others to use it, and learned a lot about how it works. I have seen salve remove both human and animal tumors. I have also learnt that bloodroot can be taken internally, and that it works throughout the body this way. I hope you find the information here useful. Bloodroot Salve is definitely one way to go!

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