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What is Bloodroot Salve? How does it work? Frequently Asked Questions answered!

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Testimonials and stories from people who have used Bloodroot Salve. Some truly amazing reading.

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The Bloodroot Salve Discussion Group on Facebook is the most popular place on the internet for chat and help.

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Ruth’s Story


I first found out about Bloodroot after I was diagnosed with basal cell cancers on my face. I watched a new friend remove squamous cell cancers from her face and nose with great success. My story was similar; three tumors were removed without a mark.

Since then I have been an advocate for bloodroot, and seen bloodroot products perform miracles. I have seen salve remove both human and animal tumors. I have also learnt that bloodroot can be taken internally, and that it works throughout the body this way. I hope you find the information here useful. Your health, your knowledge… your decision!

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